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Conception of 161 Gallon Gallery

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161 Gallon Gallery is a white cube gallery, but not a “White Cube” gallery, initiated by three local artists: Dan Joyce, Miriam Moren, and Ryan Park. It is a diminutive space based in a residential home in Halifax, with a volume of 161 gallons. Our objective is to provide an intimate, alternative place outside of the institution where experimental, spontaneous art is possible and a location for the creative community of Halifax to support each other’s practices.

We are open by appointment.

For more information or for a good time, call 423.2706 or email 161gallongallery@gmail.com

Halifax Submission Call: 161 Gallon Gallery

161 Gallon Gallery is seeking submissions for 2008 and beyond. There are no limitations in media or theme, however preference will be given to local artists and those who consider the characteristics of the space. The gallery is located in a closet space along a stairway in a two-story Halifax domicile. The dimensions are 35.5″ x 37 x 34″ (height x width x depth) with a door 29″ x 19″ (height x width). We highly recommend that you come see it before submitting. Feel free to call and make an appointment or drop by.

Submitting is easy. All we request is an idea, some diagrams or visual aid if possible, your contact info, and a desire to work with the space. Please send submissions on a postcard or letter to:

161 gallon gallery
1-6014 Cunard Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 1E4

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