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“A Galaxy” Andrew Bruszchak, 03/07/08

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“This image began as a sample from a website that sells stock photos. The samples contain a pattern of watermarks that read “copyright”, and are only available at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. I use the copyright watermark pattern in the original sample to distort the image by digitally copying and pasting it in one direction across the image until the original sample has been almost totally obscured. The image is altered further in translating it from two dimensions to three, resulting in some areas of the image being excluded.

With this work, I aim to direct the viewer’s consideration towards current scientific endeavors to understand the nature of the universe. With that in mind, the copyright symbol is intended as a metaphor for what cosmologists presently theorize about the universe. And in this context, it is coupled with an image of a galaxy, part of the visible and technologically detectable universe. My use of the copyright watermarks, which are meant to deter the unauthorized use of images from a website, loosely parallels the capacity of the universe to evade conclusive explanation and ownership.”

Written by 161

03/07/2008 at 12:32

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