161 Gallon Gallery

Experimental, spontaneous art is possible.

“Freedom Fighter disguised as a piece of paper” Joar Nango, 13/08/07

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Joar Nango is a Norwegian based artist. For his show in the 161 he stood an American $20 bill in the gallery. The bill was to be sold for $10 (CAD) to the first buyer. Joar was interested in questioning and creating tensions between differnet levels of value, measurement, gallery systems and artwork/viewer roles. This piece has a lot to do with Joar’s experience with Canadian culture and perhaps also of giving back to the Halifax community.

As Joar put it, “The artist as a European, the artwork as American, and the viewer as Canadian…. selling an artwork in a non-profit space for less than it is worth.”



Written by 161

13/08/2007 at 12:32

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