161 Gallon Gallery

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“Lake Hurst” Audrey Epp, 07/07/07

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Installation view

The first 161 Gallon Gallery installation was a diorama by Audrey Epp based on the flight of the doomed Hindenburg blimp which crashed in 1937 on the Lake Hurst navel base. This event quickly saw the end of the popularity of blimp travel. There is no crash depicted in the diorama.

In the gallery she placed a ‘Bacardi’ rum serving tray with a green hilly landscape sitting on top. Little plastic jets hung down from the landscape and into the transparent tray. There were mini spotlights lighting up the three paper blimps that hung from the ceiling of the gallery.

Audrey had been making similar types of dioramas but only for her photographs. She would make the landscapes and document them, often utilized things such as small toys, model kit parts, and lots of yarn with an aesthetic that was completely reminiscent of an early elementary school project.

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07/07/2007 at 12:32

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