161 Gallon Gallery

Experimental, spontaneous art is possible.

“Tattarrattat” Rachel White, 25/08/07

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Rachel White (Vancouver) let her interest in language lead the way for this exhibition. For instance, 161 is a palindrome, a very small one at that, and the words gallon and gallery share similarities. This installation was about responding to the space and its qualities.

There were 6 flat square mirrors placed on the floor of the gallery, on top of them 2 piles of white sand. On the far wall, small letters reading “tides opposed it”, (a palindrome) and streaming out of the gallery, like smoke, the fictional word “tattarrattat” several times over and again flowing out of the gallery and up the wall.

On the invite Rachel wrote:

Contents :

Two large-sized palindromes
Two equal parts fine, dry sand
One part known substance of which puns can be made
Onomatopoeia (to taste)
Allusion to Ulysses (to taste)
Allusion to Ulysses (optional)

Written by 161

25/08/2007 at 12:32

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